About us

Who Are We?

We are a radio made by the community for the community. CIT2 Radio consists of a team of DJs and a team of management. We focus on bringing the joy of music to the crowd by employing DJs to fulfil the requests of averagely 50 unique listeners per day.

4 Years ago , CIT2 radio was created by Geert, yet before that it was a different idea, It was made for a smaller group of people and was called “PAT Radio”.

Today CIT2 Radio mainly focuses on events and enjoyment of the gameplay , trying to provide the community’s demand.

Achievements and Goals

CIT2 Radio broke the record of peak listeners which stands on the amount of 182 listeners.

CIT2 Radio – Combines music with the joy of events by hosting car-shows ,on air events, parties and give-aways.

We plan on adding more ways to provide and achieve more for the sake of the community.

looking forward to improve and grow and hit another peak!